Our Story Begins In The East

Family owned catering and food cart serving fresh, healthy and delicious Middle Eastern dishes. By making food convenient, we make ourselves more productive. We have been shearing our combed tradition cooking with our friends and family, however we wanted to reach more palettes with our Middle Eastern cuisine. Food connects us with a culture and by expending our kitchen to include a mobile vehicle, it allow us to bring these health dishes to our community.


Hummus Hummus provides and robust Middle Eastern dishes comprised only of a simplest and freshest ingredients. Everything is prepared daily and with care only found with the home. Reinventing old traditions, you will notice improvements on many classics dishes. Dishes like shawarma - which is a beautifully marinated with fifteen ingredients or Falafel vegetable patties made from chickpeas, fava beans, mixed with many fresh vegitables, and of course Hummus.


Most Our menu is friendly to Vegetarian, Vegan, and gluten free.

Meet the owners:

Sosina and Elias